Services and Clergy Work I Offer

This page outlines my experience and conditions for performing clergy duties and other services. Rates listed are a base rate, and subject to change depending on the level of work involved as well as travel or other expenses if I am required to go outside of the Treasure Valley region of Idaho to perform the service.

An altar for a wedding

I am willing, and in most cases prefer to meet at a neutral area like the community room at the library or a coffee shop, at least for a first meeting. After that, I am willing to (and typically prefer) to meet at a client’s home when possible.

I accept ONLY cash or PayPal.

There are some services I do not advertise, but may be willing to provide. Or, in the event I cannot provide them, I may be able to connect you with another reputable person or group to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please ask.


Some of my preferred tools for divination


Individual Session (In Person) – $25/30 minutes or $50/1 hour – I require clients to show proof of vaccination and wear masks throughout the session. No exceptions.

Individual Session (Online/Telephone) – $30/45 minutes

Group Session (parties, groups of friends, etc.) – $80/hour
Minimum of 2 hours required. Generally, individual readings during these average about 15 minutes, so I tend to do 4 readings/hour — This service is only available for outdoor, socially-distanced venues at this time due to COVID-19.

Handfasting or Legal Marriage – $85-$250+

I will also require at least one counseling session prior to performing the service. Counseling sessions are at no charge in this case but serve to provide background knowledge and information that is relevant to the ceremony. I strive to provide a unique and meaningful ceremony for my clients. I request at least 60 days advance notice for performing weddings/handfastings whenever possible. If less time is given, there may be an increase in the fee.

Saining/Rites of Passage/Various Ceremonies – $100
Baby Blessings and Dedications, Rites of Passage for girls and boys, Croning/Saging for elders, or various circumstances where a Rite of Passage would be appropriate such as blessing a new house or business.

Hospital Chaplaincy – $50 and travel and expenses reimbursed

Ministerial Counseling – First session at no cost, follow-ups or later sessions $50/60min or $75/90min session
I am not a state or board licensed counselor or therapist. The counseling I provide is done in a ministerial capacity only. I do know people who are licensed counselors and may refer a client to them if presented with something that seems beyond my ability to help with. In general, I counsel from a Pagan point of view and will work with a person to achieve balance and peace within his or her life, help to resolve issues of conflict between couples or families, working through loss or death of a loved one, or if you just feel the need to speak with a Pagan or Wiccan clergy person for a time about difficulties or issues you are experiencing.

In these sessions, depending on what I think is needed, we may utilize divination, mild hypnosis/guided meditation, journal/free-writing, art, music, or aromatherapy.

Hospice/End-of-Life Counseling – Sliding scale starting at $60 and reimbursement for travel and expenses.

Funeral Rites – Sliding scale starting at $150 and reimbursement for travel and expenses
In many cases, funerals for Pagans are not performed according to religious standards or beliefs held by the departed. The majority of these services are provided to help the family members, who typically aren’t Pagan and most often seek either a non-religious service, or a religious service other than Pagan rites. I provide the service of Pagan rites for Crossing as well as counseling for family and friends following the death of a loved one.

Lectures/Speaking Engagements/Workshops – $100-$150
Events are typically 3 hours long, but rate and time may be negotiable, If you are looking for someone to speak about Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism or various traditions that fall under those terms, I may be available for assistance. Prior to such being scheduled, I will provide you with an outline for what will be covered as well as a list for any materials that guests might need or want to have. Workshops that I have offered and enjoy providing include:

Magic and Spell-Crafting
History of The Craft
Magical Record-keeping

Origins of Holiday Practices and Traditions
Hoodoo You Do
Herbalism for Health
Herbalism for Magic
Advice for Pagan/Wiccan Leaders

Protection Magic
How to Perform Rites for the Community – Weddings/Handfastings, Crossings, and Rites of Passage
Creating and Sustaining a Working Magical Group or Coven
Cleansing a Space of Unwanted Energy
Getting in Touch with Ancestors
Performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Women’s Mysteries

This is not an all-inclusive list. If there is a topic you would like to know if I can speak about, please ask.

I prefer to be reached via email. My address is in the sidebar.

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