The Divine Masculine

There are lots of things involved in Paganism and Witchcraft that lend themselves to multiple offshoots and various sub-topics. When thinking about how to present the concept of the Divine Masculine, this becomes an easy thing to fall into. There are all sorts of historical, political, social, religious, and practical angles to consider that it … More The Divine Masculine

The Winter Solstice

 I wish it were snowing… or   snowy. But right now as I look out of my window, the sky is overcast with thick grey and white clouds and a strong wind has been knocking the bare lilac branches against my window for a few days now.  For me, this time of year is very … More The Winter Solstice

Biblical Creationism/”Intelligent Design” is not Science

I haven’t addressed this before, at least not here on the blog, though I have mentioned  my own personal take on the Adam and Eve story. But now it seems (not like it ever really changes or gets a break) that congressmen in various parts of the country are trying to push Creationism being taught in … More Biblical Creationism/”Intelligent Design” is not Science

Samhain and ancestors

October 31st. It never fails that around this time of year, the pictures of witches and black cats and ghouls come to everyone’s awareness.  Witches take pride and joy in being more open with their practices and spirituality. The end of October almost heralds a season of ‘the truth about Witchcraft’ to the general public. … More Samhain and ancestors