Prayer and Spells are not the same thing

I’m a Witch, a writer, and a language nerd. These three things combined together cause my inner cauldron to boil when people claim things that don’t ring true in the context of certain words and the religio-magical expressions of the Craft. “When (insert religious label here) people pray, they’re really casting spells.” “Spells are the … More Prayer and Spells are not the same thing

“O” Is For Orthopraxy vs. Orthodoxy

“What do Wiccans believe?”  That’s a pretty straightforward question. The answer, however, is never as straightforward. “Ask ten different Wiccans that question and you get twelve different answers.” To some people, that’s a sign of what’s wrong with the Wiccan path when compared with other religions, faiths, or spiritual paths. For others, being unable to … More “O” Is For Orthopraxy vs. Orthodoxy

Welcoming the Sun

Last night, in a small apartment, my coven re-enacted the battle of the Oak and Holly Kings, and welcomed in the Sun with a ritual celebrating the winter solstice. In our tradition, we refer to the lesser sabbats as “The Albans”. This was the rite of Alban Arthan, also known as Yule, Midwinter, and several … More Welcoming the Sun

The Divine Masculine

There are lots of things involved in Paganism and Witchcraft that lend themselves to multiple offshoots and various sub-topics. When thinking about how to present the concept of the Divine Masculine, this becomes an easy thing to fall into. There are all sorts of historical, political, social, religious, and practical angles to consider that it … More The Divine Masculine