“A Witch who cannot hex, cannot heal.” — What does this mean?

Even if you’ve only studied Witchcraft for a relatively short amount of time, you’ve probably come across this phrase in one form or another. It continues to be one that sparks controversial discussion among people of different magical backgrounds and opinions. At face value, it might seem confusing, especially when put up against popular codes … More “A Witch who cannot hex, cannot heal.” — What does this mean?

“T” Is For Timing

Magical timing focuses on making use of certain correspondences. Correspondences (more here) are things that go together — that correspond to one another, and could include: deity or another Otherworldly being, elemental, astrological, seasonal, lunar, herbal, stone, symbol/sigil/glyph, sympathy, or color. When speaking of magical timing, the correspondences usually narrow down to lunar and astrological ones, … More “T” Is For Timing

“R” Is For Retail

There is a huge business for magical items that are made (either by hand or mass-produced) and sold in retail shops, via online websites, and through catalogs. It’s fun to get stuff and it’s fun to build up collections of scented candles imbued with spiritual significance, charm bags stuffed with tokens and magic, and tools … More “R” Is For Retail