Knock on the Cottage Door 10/3/2021

Should I help without asking permission?

I have been working towards becoming a witch for several years, however as I am a solitary witch I have had to learn mostly from books.
One of the key tenets I’ve read is to never perform magic on someone without their permission, and I have always agreed with this, however someone I know has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness. I feel the urge to perform some kind of magic to help her, but I obviously haven’t got her permission, and don’t know her well enough to know what she would say. I have tried asking the Goddess for help, but I am struggling to get a clear answer; I’m worried my conflicting desires are making it hard to listen.
Please advise, I cannot decide if it would be right to try and help, or wrong to do anything without permission.

-G. H.

Hello G.H., 

Help your friend!
The idea behind the advice not to perform magic without the intended target’s permission is to help you, the magic worker, understand and accept the responsibility for what you’re seeking to do. It’s also advice given to beginners so that they don’t fling magic around without thought, consideration, and care. 
You care about your friend and want her to improve. So help her. 
However, you should only operate within the skill level and understanding that you possess and work your magic with the full intention that the energy go towards doing the best good for all concerned. 
If you’re good at doing candle magic, use that. If you’re good at putting together a charm bag, use that.   
You don’t need your target’s permission to work magic on her behalf. That advice is good in principle but lousy in practical applications. I equate it to offering assistance on a mundane level, whether you’d ask permission or if you couldn’t get permission, would you still not do anything? If your friend is injured and unconscious, would you not try to staunch a wound by applying pressure? Would you not try to clear their airway if they were choking? Hopefully you’d just act to do what’s needed to help. It’s the same thing with magic.
To cover all bases, you may also add the caveat:
Let this spell not reverse, nor bring about any curse. With blessings to all, and harm to none, as I will so be it done.
The bigger rule of Witchcraft is to keep your work silent. Don’t tell anyone you’re doing it. It’s not for others to know you worked magic, just as it’s not for others to know if you didn’t. Seeking permission invites outside influence that can halt or negate the working. Just do what needs done. 
Blessings of health and healing to your friend. 

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