“W” Is For Warlock

Ever since I started actively practicing Witchcraft, there has been a push to reclaim the word Witch from being a dark, evil, scary woman bent on hurting others, eating children, blighting crops — all the things she’s been accused of since time immemorial right up into modern day fairy tales and movies. We don’t eat … More “W” Is For Warlock

What Can We Do Now?

The internet is amazing in many ways. Just this morning, I came across a news article, that linked me to a few more articles, which all talked about one topic: Kenny Klein, Pagan Priest, author, teacher, and public persona in the community was arrested on multiple counts of child pornography involving children under 13 years … More What Can We Do Now?

We might be moving…

I read something from a publisher’s website yesterday afternoon that I found very interesting. Most Pagans are familiar with Llewellyn Publishing. It’s the largest provider of Pagan/Wiccan/New Age books out there. It may also be the longest-running publisher for books of this particular niche, but I don’t really know. In any case, a blog posted … More We might be moving…

Pagans mentioned in the media: choosing when to fight

Something I do regularly as a journal exercise is every season I write down what my most important goals, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, motives, and such are. I do this because life is about growth and change and living a Pagan life is about fitting in, accepting, and merging with the cycles of time and seasons … More Pagans mentioned in the media: choosing when to fight

Who is Ophiuchus and why is he messing with my zodiac?

This is a fair question but it’s not really Ophiuchus who is doing this. It’s a bunch of folks who aren’t astrologers including him in something that isn’t western astrology, and then saying it is. Ophiuchus is a constellation. He’s not new as he’s been around a very long time, but he isn’t included in … More Who is Ophiuchus and why is he messing with my zodiac?