Welcome to The Keeper’s Path

I am…

I am a priestess; a teacher; a stargazer; a healer; a lover of caves and forests, waters, stones, herbs, and flowers. I am sister to all animals but have an affinity with serpents, cats, raccoons, wolves, horses, and ravens. I am not separate from others, be they human, animal, vegetable, mineral, or ethereal. I acknowledge the life force, the Divine, that connects us all. I am a worker of magic; a singer of incantations; a prophetess of signs and omens, of augurs and portents. I am a layer of tricks and caster of spells. I am a weaver of energy and the elements; a daughter of the infinite and Walker Between the Worlds. I am a root-worker and cunningwoman. I craft charms and enchantments. I know how to curse as well as cure. I walk in balance between light and darkness, knowing that both are necessary and knowing that to forsake either one entirely for the other leads to blindness and incapacitation. I descend into mystery and arise with new thought and knowledge for myself and others. I am passionate, charismatic, intelligent, creative, independent, poetic, strong, flawed, insightful, communicative, confident, loving to those I have chosen, and deeply spiritual. I love life and respect death because I am conscious of the cycles of all things. I dance the Spiral Dance.

I am a Witch.


It is my intention that this blog be a source of information and inspiration, to provoke thought and a deeper understanding of the Mysteries of the Craft. I will have some things geared for beginners, but not all. Many things you may come across here will run opposed to popular statements found in books and other newer sources. That is to be expected. I have been practicing the Craft for more than half of my life, over two decades and approaching my third. I hope to bring something new to the table for seasoned practitioners as much as to help newcomers find a solid footing as they begin to walk this path.

I will be working slowly through clearing out and updating some of my older material on here, repurposing it for newer posts, as well as creating new content. I’m also looking into starting podcasts to either accompany older posts to supply new information, or podcasting entirely new topics to talk about.

If you have a question or topic that you would like me to write about, or podcast topic to talk about in a future episode, please let me know. You can leave a comment or send me an email.

You can learn more about my background and history in the Craft through the link Who Writes This Stuff? and about my clergy and education services in the link Services and Clergy Work I Offer. I talk about my gods and goddesses in the link for Deity – My Personal Relationships and Connections.

For some more mundane interests: I like cooking, theater, live music, spending time with close friends, museums, studying languages and linguistics, board games – especially trivia, writing, reading historical fiction and fantasy novels, and the non-fiction history stuff as well. I enjoy some role-playing games, camping, dance, and pretty much anything I find interesting. I’ll try anything once, and more often than that if I like it.

If you are an astrology nerd, this part should be really interesting and revealing:
I am a double Gemini as both my sun and ascendant (rising sign) are Gemini. I was born during the Sagittarius full moon, with the moon in conjunction with Neptune. I have both Venus and Mars in Aries conjunction, giving me a Mars a domicile position in Aries. Jupiter is also conjuct with the sun in Gemini — lots of conjunctions. My entire chart, except Mercury in Taurus (earth) and Uranus in Scorpio (water)  is air and fire.

In the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator system I am an INTJ.

My husband (a Scorpio INFP) and I have been together for 16 years.

We are childless by choice and currently owned by two male cats.

Jasper (tabby) and Majima (blue eyes) say: “If it fits, we sits!”

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In Service,
Lady Serpent