Cord Magic

  Cord and knot magic is a very old form of folk magic that was often associated with wind and weather. In cord magic the spells are simply prepared ahead of time, and then used as needed. Each knot is then untied releasing the power entrapped in the cord over nine consecutive days. For cord … More Cord Magic

“W” Is For Warlock

Ever since I started actively practicing Witchcraft, there has been a push to reclaim the word Witch from being a dark, evil, scary woman bent on hurting others, eating children, blighting crops — all the things she’s been accused of since time immemorial right up into modern day fairy tales and movies. We don’t eat … More “W” Is For Warlock

“P” Is For Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

  The phrase In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, while not as common (and perhaps not as over-used as “Blessed Be”) is still one of Wicca’s quirky phrases. It comes across almost like code words, and it kind of should, because that’s where it originated. The phrase comes to us from British Traditional Wicca/Witchcraft and … More “P” Is For Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

“L” Is For Lunar

Our world, our cosmos, is full of splendor. It’s both beautiful and terrifying and I’m completely in love with it, but few things compare to the power, allure, and magic of a full moon. At its core, Witchcraft is a natural path of magic. It relies upon a deep love for and understanding of nature, … More “L” Is For Lunar

The Origin of Halloween Customs and Traditions: The Jack O’Lantern

I’ve written previous blog articles about the origins of the Halloween Witch and the explanation for why October 31st is the time between the worlds. Now, I’d like to address some of the confusion and fun with the origins of various holiday customs surrounding Halloween, starting with the Jack O’Lantern. First, a bit of history: … More The Origin of Halloween Customs and Traditions: The Jack O’Lantern

Exodus 22:18 Meant It When It Said “Witch”

For many years now I have seen people in the Pagan/Wiccan community offering an interpretation of a particular verse in the bible that talks about Witches. The verse is Exodus 22:18 and it says: “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” (King James Version) The popular counter argument is that this was a mistranslation, … More Exodus 22:18 Meant It When It Said “Witch”