The Origin of Halloween Customs and Traditions: The Jack O’Lantern

I’ve written previous blog articles about the origins of the Halloween Witch and the explanation for why October 31st is the time between the worlds. Now, I’d like to address some of the confusion and fun with the origins of various holiday customs surrounding Halloween, starting with the Jack O’Lantern. First, a bit of history: … More The Origin of Halloween Customs and Traditions: The Jack O’Lantern


This is a warning: Please use judgment and sense when you approach someone or are approached by someone who is willing to cast a spell for you and asks for an outrageous amount of money to do so. Yes, spell casting does require work, focus, and energy of the caster to do the spell. Yes, … More Magic

Prayers and Devotions

People are drawn to Witchcraft for several different reasons. It could be because it seems mysterious. They might seek out a way to rebel against conformity. Perhaps a natural affinity for nature or magic captures their minds and hearts. People that feel a deep connection to the earth, sun, moon, stars, seas, or otherworld find … More Prayers and Devotions

Light and Darkness

Light sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Everyone wants to be in the light, everyone wants to feel the light and express it and that’s great. People want to share the light. But it’s not balance. It’s not whole. It’s not complete until you acknowledge, understand, appreciate and can work with shadow as well. I don’t believe … More Light and Darkness

How to Begin

The newly interested seeker’s first question after, “How do I get started?” is typically followed by, “How do I find a teacher/others?” I know what it feels like to be alone and starting out on this entire journey by yourself. It can feel a bit intimidating or overwhelming and there is nothing so secure, it … More How to Begin