“O” Is For Orthopraxy vs. Orthodoxy

“What do Wiccans believe?”  That’s a pretty straightforward question. The answer, however, is never as straightforward. “Ask ten different Wiccans that question and you get twelve different answers.” To some people, that’s a sign of what’s wrong with the Wiccan path when compared with other religions, faiths, or spiritual paths. For others, being unable to … More “O” Is For Orthopraxy vs. Orthodoxy

“L” Is For Lunar

Our world, our cosmos, is full of splendor. It’s both beautiful and terrifying and I’m completely in love with it, but few things compare to the power, allure, and magic of a full moon. At its core, Witchcraft is a natural path of magic. It relies upon a deep love for and understanding of nature, … More “L” Is For Lunar

The Origin of Halloween Customs and Traditions: The Jack O’Lantern

I’ve written previous blog articles about the origins of the Halloween Witch and the explanation for why October 31st is the time between the worlds. Now, I’d like to address some of the confusion and fun with the origins of various holiday customs surrounding Halloween, starting with the Jack O’Lantern. First, a bit of history: … More The Origin of Halloween Customs and Traditions: The Jack O’Lantern

Welcoming the Sun

Last night, in a small apartment, my coven re-enacted the battle of the Oak and Holly Kings, and welcomed in the Sun with a ritual celebrating the winter solstice. In our tradition, we refer to the lesser sabbats as “The Albans”. This was the rite of Alban Arthan, also known as Yule, Midwinter, and several … More Welcoming the Sun

The Winter Solstice

 I wish it were snowing… or   snowy. But right now as I look out of my window, the sky is overcast with thick grey and white clouds and a strong wind has been knocking the bare lilac branches against my window for a few days now.  For me, this time of year is very … More The Winter Solstice