“P” Is For Perfect Love & Perfect Trust



The phrase In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, while not as common (and perhaps not as over-used as “Blessed Be”) is still one of Wicca’s quirky phrases.

It comes across almost like code words, and it kind of should, because that’s where it originated.

The phrase comes to us from British Traditional Wicca/Witchcraft and appears in only one place: the password a candidate gives upon requesting entrance to the initiatory circle.

“Those that we meet, that we recognize as ones that we have known and loved before.” 

Gerald Gardner

Gardner often wrote and spoke of his attachment and affection for his coven-folk. He and they both attributed these strong connections to the belief that they had lived and worked together in previous incarnations. Gardner also spoke of the deep connections formed between people who work magic together.

This describes the operative force behind working magic itself in a group.

Perfect LoveFeelings of strong attachment taken to its ultimate point

Perfect TrustBeing able to rely on someone in the extreme

This is why these words are given upon initiation. It is a pledge to the group that the initiate will meet these expectations and as well as the group welcoming the newcomer with the same open arms, affection, and trust.

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