Finding a patron deity

One of the really interesting things about getting into Paganism is the realization and later understanding that all those gods and goddesses that you might have learned about in school — Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, etc. are still around and kicking. That’s right, those wonderful stories about gods and heroes and legendary tales of monsters and amazing … More Finding a patron deity

Why Christian-Wicca doesn’t make sense

Christianity and Wicca are both separate, distinct religious beliefs. Within each, there are several different systems of thought and practice, variations on some particulars that give rise to different Traditions [Wicca] or Denominations [Christianity] but at the core of  these faiths there are specific certainties which define those practices and beliefs as Christian or Wiccan. Without … More Why Christian-Wicca doesn’t make sense

The purpose of myth

I have a different definition for “myth” than what is commonly thought of when one hears the word. A myth is not necessarily a simple story of something that isn’t true. Nor is it entirely a retelling of something that is factual. A myth is a balance between these two things with the intention of speaking … More The purpose of myth