My response to a loving friend

Art by Josephine Wall

I have been a Witch all my life. I did not know this until I came to accept and understand what it meant, consciously making the decision to follow it as my life’s path when I was 17. I’ve wavered in activity, in belief, and understanding. That’s how faith roots and grows: through being tested, but I’ve always found my way back. The oaths I’ve made and the vows I’ve taken, I hold to. I have always held to them and I always will. Because that’s what you do with a promise you make for life.

You keep it.

If you choose to break it, you do so because you feel it is the right thing to do, not because another tells you according to their thoughts that you should. If you choose to break it, you bear the responsibility of that choice, not those who advised you. So if you are forsworn, let it be because your heart’s truth has changed. The gods understand this. If you do not feel called to their service, they don’t want your service. If you do not feel called to be one of their own, they don’t want you as one of their own.

Go and be content elsewhere.

I’ve been told repeatedly that I was “never really a Christian because if that were the case, I would never have left that faith.” I think this is partially correct. I agree and disagree because when I was Christian, I actively practiced and prayed and believed to the best of my ability. But my heart knew something else, so eventually I left that faith. I see that argument more as the Christian’s way of defending their faith against an attack that isn’t happening. I’ve never said Christianity is wrong. I’ve only said it’s wrong for me.

No religion is universal because how someone comes to have a relationship with The Divine is based on individual and highly personal experiences and beliefs. Everyone is unique – thus how they view and understand the most personal connection a human can have –between Self and Deity– CANNOT be dictated to them by some fallacy such as “Universal Belief” that everyone should follow. I personally have no call to be Christian. Just as I wouldn’t expect someone who embraces it to find the same feeling in another religion like Wicca, Islam, Hinduism, or something else.

I respect Jesus and his teachings, but I disagree that what are accepted as his teachings are totally correct. I do not believe that he is what the church, or their accepted version of the gospels/bible says he is. I hold nothing against those who do, I just don’t share that particular belief. This doesn’t make me a bad person. This doesn’t make me immoral or corrupt or evil. This doesn’t mean I’m part of some ‘Satanic conspiracy’ to draw people away from Jesus.

It just means I’m non-Christian. Along with most of this planet now and throughout humanity’s history.

Do not tell me that I should break my oaths or that they don’t matter simply because your path is a different one. I would not ask that of you for any reason. Would you be willing to forswear your connection to your God because someone else says he’s false? Or instead, would you tell that person that you believe differently, that just because their experience tells them one thing that doesn’t mean it’s the same for you or everyone else. Would you tell them, patiently and respectfully, that it is a matter between your god and you, just as it is a matter between my gods and me?

I would.

They are mine; I am theirs.


So be it.

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