Four Thieves Vinegar

Here’s one recipe for Four Thieves Vinegar. Be sure to use food-grade herbs if you intend to take this internally.

Use equal parts of at least five of the following herbs:

* Lavender
* Sage
* Thyme
* Lemon Balm
* Hyssop
* Peppermint
* Garlic cloves

In hoodoo in particular, black pepper and cayenne pepper are used as well, and garlic is the one ingredient that tends to be in every mixture, due to its potency.

Place your five (or more) ingredients in a glass jar and cover them completely with organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, which is available in most health food stores. As you are preparing your blend, infuse it as well with your intent: be that all-purpose protection, a banishing brew, cleansing, or to keep you and/or your family physically healthy. Cold infuse (let it sit at room temperature in a cool place) the mixture for six weeks and then strain off herbs and garlic. Store in glass bottles, if possible, away from heat.

For immune boosting protection, you can take FTV by the teaspoonful or use it as a salad dressing (blend with organic coconut oil for the best taste). You can also use it as a topical spray to disinfect surfaces, including your skin. Be sure to use food-grade herbs for any internal use!

For magical work, you can use FTV in a spritzer bottle – simply spray into the air when you want to cleanse a space, or boost your shields of protection against psychic attack. Use a bit in your bath for cleansing away harmful or draining energy. If you’re so inclined, secretly sprinkle a bit across the path (or the threshold of their home) of the person who would do you harm, or who irritates and bothers you – it’s a great for banishing. Be sure to keep some handy for those times when you need something strong in a hurry.

All told, FTV is a wonderful basic necessity for any witch’s apothecary – it’s easy to make and it packs a powerful punch.

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