Finding a patron deity

One of the really interesting things about getting into Paganism is the realization and later understanding that all those gods and goddesses that you might have learned about in school — Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, etc. are still around and kicking. That’s right, those wonderful stories about gods and heroes and legendary tales of monsters and amazing … More Finding a patron deity

Spokes of the Great Wheel: Autumn Equinox

The time of the autumnal equinox is known by various names among different Pagan traditions: Mabon, Alban Elfed, or Harvest Home. The year’s cycle of seasons is divided into four quarters,  marked by the solstices (June 21 and Dec. 21) and the equinoxes (March 22 and Sept. 22) The actual dates may vary as to when the precise … More Spokes of the Great Wheel: Autumn Equinox

Why Christian-Wicca doesn’t make sense

Christianity and Wicca are both separate, distinct religious beliefs. Within each, there are several different systems of thought and practice, variations on some particulars that give rise to different Traditions [Wicca] or Denominations [Christianity] but at the core of  these faiths there are specific certainties which define those practices and beliefs as Christian or Wiccan. Without … More Why Christian-Wicca doesn’t make sense

Having an Out-of-Body experience vs. Astral Traveling

What happens when the spirit leaves the body? In most cases, people answer with, “Duh… Death.” But Witches as shamanic practitioners know better.  It is important to know what each experience is, beginning with explaining the difference between having an Out-of-Body experience (OBE) and performing Astral Travel. They are not the same thing even though they involve … More Having an Out-of-Body experience vs. Astral Traveling

How to Begin

The newly interested seeker’s first question after, “How do I get started?” is typically followed by, “How do I find a teacher/others?” I know what it feels like to be alone and starting out on this entire journey by yourself. It can feel a bit intimidating or overwhelming and there is nothing so secure, it … More How to Begin