The Soul, Balance, and Transformation

What is the definition of a soul? Is there a real difference between a soul and a spirit and if so, how do we classify them? How do the two interact with our physical form? Is there a separation?

I’ve had an image of something similar to a Venn Diagram in my mind for the past few days: three circles, two just barely touching, sharing enough space via their circumference to be connected and a third that was between them, with half of its space in the first and half of its space in the second.

The first circle represents the mental/spiritual consciousness or energy body. The second circle represents the physical body — the body of flesh and the third circle that joins and shares space with both is the soul.

When considering the difference of the spirit and the soul, it seems easiest to classify one as elevating and seeking higher vistas while one descends and embraces what it is that makes us human.

The spirit is concerned with higher things, ascension, mental actions, thoughts, ideas and ideals.

The soul is our passion, our creativity, our eroticism, and our feelings. It is all about plumbing the depths of our consciousness and discovering what wonderful energy dwells there.

Soul is what connects us to the physical because Soul loves the physical. It adores dance, art, expression and interaction through the five senses.

Spirit seems to tolerate Body, but is really rather lofty and would prefer not being concerned with such base instincts and conditions. It touches enough to maintain contact, even sharing a bit of its ‘boundary’ with Body, but it’s happy enough to do its own thing.

Body is how we operate in this world, this plane we consider ‘reality’. It is through Body that Spirit and Soul can carry out their desires, their interests, their needs and ultimately, their reason for being. Each one pulls in its own direction: Spirit higher – reaching above, Soul lower – reaching below and Body being taken along for the ride in either direction, depending on who gets to be in charge for the moment.

Whenever there is a strong division of Mind and Body, it is because Soul is not present. Soul is the glue that holds everything together. An example of this is inter-personal relationships: It is the soul of  people that bonds them to one another. If a pair are joined only on the physical, eventually that will burn itself out. If a pair are joined only on the mental/spiritual plane, Spirit will be pleased as long as it feels it is gaining higher ground and ideas are being thought out, but this lacks balance as well and eventually, the couple will realize there is no passion — no soul — in their relationship and will either part ways or make one another miserable.

When Soul is absent, there is an undeniable longing, a hunger that will remain in place until Soul is fulfilled, until it embraces what it seeks: To make life into an expression of love. This cannot be filled by mental/spiritual pursuits, nor can it be salved by engaging the flesh in pointless acts.

Trying to put a band-aid on a dagger wound is ineffective, in other words.

So it is vital that these three stay in communication, in balance, with one another.

Soul must also be the portion of being engaged in any act of transformation or it simply will not stick.

Thoughts can be changed on a whim. They hold little power and focus on their own, but normally we don’t recognize this. If a person is stubborn and we say they won’t change their mind, they are credited with having an impervious, immoveable will…

But Will is not Mind. Will is one’s purpose and intent, a divine goal that everything in one’s existence seeks to make manifest.

Will is the extension of the Soul.

Thoughts change faster than we even recognize them in many cases. For example,  how quickly have you ever gone from thinking, “I am really craving water right now…” You feel how dry your mouth is, and consider the refreshing feeling you will have after just that first sip, only to decide you would rather have soda or juice instead when it comes to actually pouring a glass for yourself.

In the moment it was Mind – “I want water.” or it was Body – “I thirst.” but it wasn’t your Will. It wasn’t your Soul involved in the decision and so it changed… quite easily.

But when you truly long for something, ache for it, it is the Soul that is feeling that pang. The Soul is the root of transformation because that longing must be present for a true transformation to take place. When Soul wants something it focuses entirely on that goal or desire. When Soul wants something  to change, that is when it will change. Otherwise things continue as they have been and Mind or Body might fuss or get frustrated or depressed, but there won’t be a transformation.

Not until Soul wants it.

Soul sounds pretty important, doesn’t it?

Take care of yours.

Feed it.

Nurture it.

See it sustained.

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