“S” Is For Simple Spells Are Not So Simple


I’m going to share a snippet of a conversation I had a while ago in regards to this sort of thing.

I used to regularly use internet chat rooms to talk with people, and like anything else when dealing with the internet, it’s always a hit-or-miss type of scenario. Sometimes I met wonderful people that I conversed with, learned from, and was able to offer some insight or information that helped them out.

Other times… Not so much.

One of these times, a person entered the room, and I suppose they read my user profile because they sent me an instant message. I’m going to paraphrase because I don’t remember the exact words exchanged, but it was very close to something like this:

Person: Are there any simple spells I could do to get a quick result for a situation I’ve got going on? I’m not a Witch and I don’t want to have to study or have something that takes time to work out. I just need something now. 

Me: No.

Person: No? 

Me. No.

Person: That’s it? Just ‘no’? You aren’t going to tell me why? 

Me: You didn’t seem to be the type of person that wants to be bothered with details.

impatient verucaThe longer explanation for this is of course, “If you want to be able to whip up magic at an instant, to have triggers that you can set  off whenever you need to, you have to build up to that skill and that takes years of study and practice.”

But this person left before we got to that point, I assume because my answer wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

Sure, there are simple things that a novice could try, but you’re playing with an electric finger-in-socket-1-622x415outlet at that point, going, “Should I stick the fork in this or not?”

You might stick the fork in and have nothing happen because there’s no power to that outlet, or your fork is plastic. Or, you might electrocute yourself or at the very least, get a nasty shock.

All magic comes at a price.

All magical energy must be balanced.

So if you aren’t the one paying that price through effort and study, work and focus, then you have to rely on someone or something else to have paid that price for you. This is where you might try a store-bought spell or hiring a practitioner to aid you.

Same concept; different light socket.

If you want magic in your life, you have to put in the time to understand it and use it. The simple spells only work when the hard work for them is already done. Nothing comes without any effort and if you can’t be bothered to spend the time, then don’t mess with magic.

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