“V” Is For Voice


Chants, songs, words, invocations, evocations, whispers, shouts, howls, cries, and on and on…

The Voice is magical.


Witches train themselves to use something called The Magical Voice, a pitch that resonates and vibrates our entire being when we speak. It’s a Voice that pulls from deep within and expresses our passion and desire for magic to work.

Our words are the vehicle that carries our thoughts and feelings from the intangible world of our minds and hearts and puts them here in the physical realm. The Voice is the road back and forth between the tangible, physical plane and the intangible, non-physical plane. It transcends and intermingles with both. This is why Witches speak or sing our spells.

In the old lore, there were Witch Women known as Sirens, magical beings whose voice was so enchanting, they could enthrall those who heard their words to their will. This lore still exists in the fairy-tale princess whose singing can call animals from the forest– to do housework no less — but the enchantment is still there.

That word itself — enchant — means to cast a spell through the voice. The Latin languages still use the root ‘canto’ in slightly different forms to mean a song, singer, or to sing.

Finding your magical voice requires patience and practice and a willingness to focus on what you’re doing. A magical voice doesn’t have to be loud; a skilled Witch can enchant through a whisper.

To find this Voice requires activation of several chakras–power centers within your body. I use the term chakra because that is what many magical practitioners are familiar with, but the actual technique I use for this is different and is based on the Three Fires of Celtic Lore.

It begins with meditation, finding your center, felt in your belly, and humming until you feel a particular frequency that causes your body to feel ‘open’. This is the start of finding the Magical Voice.

Once it is mastered, the Witch may seek to develop skills in Bardcraft and story-telling, enchantment through the Voice to influence others — I call this Sirencraft, or just for enhancing personal magical work in a general way.

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