What do Witches believe?

Religion is an intensely personal thing. It’s probably the most personal view an individual can hold. Because of this, even among those who follow the same religion, there may be differences. Sometimes the differences are large and quite noticeable. Other times they are small and barely significant. My own views on religion have changed through … More What do Witches believe?

Being a Witch

One of the things I love about being a Pagan and Witch is how it honestly feels. I can’t explain it, I just know it. In some ways, it’s probably blood-memory or ancestral. In other ways, it might just be the way that things speak to my heart. Of the ancestry I know of I … More Being a Witch

How to Begin

The newly interested seeker’s first question after, “How do I get started?” is typically followed by, “How do I find a teacher/others?” I know what it feels like to be alone and starting out on this entire journey by yourself. It can feel a bit intimidating or overwhelming and there is nothing so secure, it … More How to Begin

Four Thieves Vinegar

Here’s one recipe for Four Thieves Vinegar. Be sure to use food-grade herbs if you intend to take this internally. Use equal parts of at least five of the following herbs: * Lavender * Sage * Thyme * Lemon Balm * Hyssop * Peppermint * Garlic cloves In hoodoo in particular, black pepper and cayenne pepper … More Four Thieves Vinegar